Prawn production

EGNEDOL has developed a partnership with a company that specialise in the production of organically farmed prawns.



The system uses a closed loop water re-circulation system with the occasional seawater top up.


The availability of low grade heat is very attractive to this business unit and will enable the development of a facility that could produce up to 2 million kilograms of prawns per year.


Scientific research has found that the structural biopolymer Chitin, which forms the shells of prawns, can be modified using simple chemistry to act as very effective, sustainable and recyclable water purifier. The modified fibres from the shells (Chitosan) can be used to remove contaminants from drinking water and the process even has the potential to extract valuable metals from seawater.


The R+D center on the site will seek to further the knowledge base in this area and to commercialise use of the prawn shells as a high tech, sustainable product.

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