Power generation

EGNEDOL propose to construct an electricity generating power plant that will be fuelled by sustainably sourced biomass and the biomass fraction of RDF, which will arrive either via the jetty or by rail.



The power generating facility, which will utilise technology developed in Wales, has been designed in modular units of 25MW/50MW output each.


The first 50MW module will be operational in around 8 months from gaining all necessary consents and an available grid connection.


EGNEDOL’s plan is to increase the total electricity output to 350MW within a maximum of 3 years.


The process is efficient, has very low emission characteristics and is designed to heat fuel in the absence of oxygen to create a synthetic gas. The synthetic gas from the process will be directed to gas engines and turbines that will generate electricity.


The facility will not discharge any cooling water to the Haven. Low-grade heat produced by the generation of electricity is considered by the EGNEDOL team to be a valuable resource that will be utilised by downstream industries on the site.


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